Fredbear Is the Main Antagonist in Five Nights To Remember and One Night To Remember

Appearance Edit

Fredbear appears similar to Golden Freddy from the FNAF Series. He is a golden yellow bear animatronic with a black Top hat, bow tie, and microphone. In ONTR, his hat and bow tie are purple, using his appearance in FNAF4.

Behavior Edit


FredBear's jumpscare. (Not Looped)

Fredbear pattern is at the Show Stage, Dining area, Back Stage, Basement Entrance, the Television Room before entering the vent, leading straight to the office.

FredBear attacks faster than SpringBonnie, having less time before he attacks. The upside is that FredBear is very slow, and it is likely his less dangerous partner, SpringBonnie, will reach you before FredBear does.

Trivia Edit

  • Fredbear was supposed to speak while active.
  • Both Shadow Freddy and Freddy Fazbear (Hallucination) have the same model, with different colors.
  • While in the vent blind spot, Fredbear's ears appear to clip through the vent.