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Ryan is the phone guy in Five Nights to Remember. He is voiced by Keith.

Phone Calls

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Night 1: Hello! Welcome to the first ever Fredbear's Family Diner. I will now give to you the basic information you need to get through a night's worth of work. Our new and innovative camera systems will allow you to monitor each area in the diner without ever needing to leave your workspace.

The animatronics we have here are, well, special, because they can walk around on their own. However, this functionality has a flaw; they use this same behavior at night, and... stuff you into one of our special animatronics.

One other nifty feature of our animatronics is that they are built with a spring-lock mechanism. This spring-lock mechanism is intended to switch off the electronic parts inside of the animatronic in order for an employee to fit inside safely.

Now, that wouldn't be so bad, BUT... since it's still in an early stage, there is a chance that the spring-lock mechanism might re-activate the animatronic... with someone inside.

So, it's important that you keep the animatronics away from your workspace to reduce the chances of this happening. How can you do that? Well, in your workspace, you'll see there's a lever. What this does is that the lever will attract the animatronics back to the show stage should they leave their posts.

Also, you'll need to keep the music in the television room playing to keep him at bay... uhhh... what else... Oh!

The button for playing music in the television room will stay on your camera system screen for ease of access as you monitor the other areas.

That should be it! Good luck on your new job.

Night 2: Hello. I'm calling back in to see how you're doing and to remind you of your basic routine. As such, this call will be shorter than my last.

If by using your monitoring system you spot an animatronic close by, simply pull the lever located on the right side of your workspace to draw the animatronic back to the show stage.

Also remember to keep the music playing in the television room. I cannot stress how important it is to keep him back there. And for ease of access, once you have the music playing, you can resume monitoring the other areas of the establishment.

You see, he was an old animatronic that got scrapped because everybody was terrified of him, so many children screaming... We havent been down there since...

But uh... anyway, that should be all for tonight. Good luck.

Night 3: Hello. Tonight, I was going to remind you of your basic routine, but instead, I have to share some bad news.

Somebody snuck into the backstage and planted... something on one of our animatronics. Now, they won't work!

Luckily, we have some spares of old animatronics from another location that will replace our previous special ones during the daytime and, evidently, during the nighttime as well.

And luckily for you, the old animatronics shouldn't become active as they have no endoskeleton... but if they do... just repeat your basic routine; if there is an animatronic getting close to your workspace, pull the lever to draw them back to the show stage, and don't forget to play the audio in the television room.

That'll be all. Good night.

Night 4: Hey... I've got more bad news...

We still haven't found a way to fix the animatronics since yesterday, and now our replacements are missing! No one else knows about them...

Also, we keep hearing weird noises from the television room... and there's that annoying banging noise in the dining area... yeah, business wasn't so great today...

Especially since people heard about a few disappearances that happened near here. They're trying to blame us for that! Can you believe it?


...Goodbye, that'll be all for tonight. I'll talk to you tomorrow.