Gender: female Type of animal: Bunny Item: golden cup cake

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SpringBonnie is a animatronic bunny and a antagonist in Five Nights To Remember and One Night To Remember.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

SpringBonnie looks similar to SpringBonnie/Springtrap from FNAF3 and FNAF4. she is a golden yellow bunny animatronic, with large rabbit ears on his head. she lacks a bow tie or microphone, unlike FredBear.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Springbonnie's Jumpscare. (Not Looped)

SpringBonnie is noticeably faster than FredBear, getting off the stage and approaching the office faster than her. When he gets to the doorway, he will attack after several seconds unless the player activates the music.She attacks almost instantly when the monitor is up, so be cautious when SpringBonnie is near the office. A good method is to wait until SpringBonnie is at CAM 1, then activate the music.

Night 5[edit | edit source]

During the course of Night 5, SpringBonnie, as well as FredBear, are replaced by the shadow animatronics. While FredBear is missing, SpringBonnie can be found in the now-activated CAM 9. Phone Guy alerts you to NOT check CAM 9. In CAM 9, you can see SpringBonnie sitting on the ground, with what seems to be someone stuffed inside the suit. When you see this, pulling the camera down will result in a red figure standing in front of you. The player will then be unable to access the Monitor. Soon, Freddy Fazbear will make the player black out, and you will be returned to the title.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • SpringBonnie was supposed to speak while active.
  • It seems in between Night 4 and Night 5, someone (possibly Purple Guy) got stuffed into SpringBonnie, Now referred to as SpringTrap.
    • Thus, It is assumed that the red figure is Purple Guy.

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